What They dont Know

I’ve always been out for the truth. I never settle for anything that is not and has not been proven. Yet I know the people around me are complete opposite. Anything they see or read on Facebook or on a fake news station they automatically believe it without an ounce of doubt. To me I see it as completely mindless and ignorant. To never question something a person post or says online shows that you have no interest in the truth. I have always been skeptical of…everything. Always questioning and researching. I have a deep hatred for lies and hate being on the dark end of the pool. But that’s just how society lives I mean come on if I told them that frogs can read minds they would most likely believe it. I don’t know how they just would. The amount of ignorance today’s world allows in makes me feel alien. I like concrete evidence they like Instagram evidence. Many conversations that I’ve had people have said some of the most mindless things that they believe. It’s hard because being an introvert, online school student, and truth seeker its tough biting my tongue when someone tells a lie that I know the truth about. I just want to educate them and tell them the truth but they were and are so stuck in their own ignorance. It makes me pity the close minded ignorant people who know nothing except what they were told from the faux media. My family so happens to not be the smartest of the smart. I seal my mouth because I wouldn’t want to give my energy to someone who has no desire to know the truth. I say something to them it goes out the other ear. I applaud the truth seekers. The ones that quietly seek the truth. At least you know what they don’t. The truth.


Ps. feel free to ask questions and debate. Im open to anybodys thoughts and opinions.


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